Swirl Painted Guitars

Complete Swirl Painted Guitars for sale

I figured I would put some of the guitars I have done on the site. Some of these are my favorites in my collection, but if you want one, let's talk. I sometimes swap necks and pickups around. I can do that if it makes sense.

These are some more examples. Click on images to show larger image.

This is a new Blue and Silver project. I has an Edge Zero.
  • Details of Edge Zero Passon and Warefare Project

  • This purple multi color (PMC) one is a body I bought from Pearle. The trem is an original Ibanez Edge in Cosmo. The neck is a MIJ AANJ RG. The pickups are DiMarzio pickups.

    This "black Sun" has a nice look with some deep red streaks. it has the H-x-S configuration.

    This is a classic GMC. I updated this project in 2018.
  • Details of GMC Swirl Project

  • This is a BW, with a matching swirl painted headstock.
  • Details of BW Swirl Project

  • There are some pictures of projects various customers finished here.

    • Chris Mai
    • Updated September 2018