Partial Projects for Sale

Partial Projects for Sale

These are some projects that I started, but got pushed back. I can pick one up and finish it if you are interested. I can sell them as shown too. I can send more photos on request. Click each picture for a larger image.

This one is a Swamp Ash guitar body, stained black with an open grain finish. I had a black neck - strat style. It is a SRV model. I used a fixed bridge. The bridge is too high, so I need to route into the body to lower it. It looks pretty nice with the silver hardware.

This one is a Black and White Swirl. Normal Ibanez JEM style specs. The neck has a cool pyramid pattern to match the swirl. The neck is pretty nice for an aftermarket neck. I plan to paint the headstock with a swirl.

This is the start of the Ibanez JEM Flame top project. The neck is from an Ibanez Bad Horsie or the black JEM from 2007. Ibanez 77BRMR. It reminds me of an Ibanez RG30JCLTD J Custom.

There are some pictures of projects various customers finished here.

  • Chris Mai
  • January 2017 - UTD April 2017