Custom Ibanez Guitar Bodies

Our eBay Store

We keep an eBay store going for the basic JEM style guitar bodies - HsH, Claw, and grip. We sometime list a 7 string body. We are happy to sell you a body though eBay. We also do a lot of business through the website.

We are located in Michigan, in the USA. If you want us to ship overseas, it is probably more economical to have us ship directly to you. Just shoot a note to No worries if you want to purchase though the eBay shipping program, we can do that too.

If you want to buy a body listed on eBay, but you want to add clearcoat, we’d really prefer if you discuss that through email to and not on eBay. The eBay message system is not really email. They forward messages to your email account when we reply. It goes to them first, then they forward it to you. A real pain. A direct email to us really helps.

The clearcoat services are only offered through the website. It takes 2-3 week for clearcoat, so we’d rather not get penalized for “slow” shipping on eBay. Here are some examples and a description of the process. It is a slow process takes a lot of patience.

We don’t run custom orders though eBay either. If you need something that is not listed on eBay, please do send an email to If we started a conversation through eBay, if you refresh me in your email, we can work something out. Keep in mind the stats we will need when you order.

We like to help making replacement Ibanez JEM guitar bodies that are unique.
  • Chris Mai
  • February 2017