Custom Ibanez Inspired Guitar Bodies

General Finishing JEM/RG Guitar Bodies

We sell JEM/RG inspired Guitar Bodies in various stages of completion. If you buy a swirl painted guitar body, but did not have us do clearcoat, you will need to do some sort of finish. Examples of our current clearcoat process are shown here. There is also a description of the process.

If you are trying to do it yourself, you probably don't have a spray booth. When I started working on bodies, I didn't have one either. One process that works is to use a few spray cans of clear. I did a fair number like that back in the day. Krylon makes a product that worked. Two full cans seemed to be enough. I would spray a couple coats, let it dry then spray more. The two cans takes about 30-40 light coats. It is realistic to do in and afternoon if you do it all at once. A few days with sanding between is probably better. Spraying outdoors seemed to work. There is overspray, so watch out for what is around. With this technique, I've heard that it takes a while to cure before you wetsand and buff. At least a week is a good idea, maybe more.

This is a product that gives you a more pro finish. It is more expensive. I've heard that two cans are enough.

I hear Spraymax makes a 2k product as well. I have seen a body someone did with spraymax. He said he started with one can, in three coats, then sanded, then did a second can.

With Krylon, I recommend wet sanding between evey few coats with a light grit (600) wet sandpaper. At the beginning, just knock off the high spots. As the clear builds, try to get smoother. With the krylon method, I'd say wet sand after every 6-8 coats or so. After the final coat, I start at 1000 grit, then use a series of wet sand steps out to 2500. Then buff. If you don't have a buffing wheel, it is possible to do it by hand. Use some sort of compound, then try to rub it out. Sort of like taking a scratch out of a car. A light compound with a lot of pressure. It is probably better to rig up some sort of orbital buffer or a wheel on a drill though.

I've had luck with this product for spot fixes.

It dries fairly flat and is sandable the next day.

Be patient. These projects should be fun.
  • Chris Mai
  • February 2018 - Revised September 2020