JEM style guitar bodies

Square heel Mahogany JEM

This is a Square heel Mahogany JEM project I started lat year. It was a long process. I wrapped it up this year.

Here is a shot of some of the Mahogany slabs I have from this batch. They have a nice grain. The weight is fairly light for Mahogany. Only a bit heavier than Alder. These are prior to planning. I have a few more left for other projects if someone is interested.

This one shows the side grain.

These two are after planning.

These two are during production.

Here are some shots after the clear.

Here are some close ups.

This one had a lot of coats of clear. I mixed some dye into the clear for part of the effect. Unfortunately, the neck pocket swelled up a bit, so mounting the neck was difficult. That happens sometimes. I'll write a follow up blog with tips for fitting a SQ heel neck.

  • Chris Mai
  • August 2017, Revised February 2018