Processing a new batch of wood

Processing a batch of wood

To make Ibanez JEM style guitar replacement bodies, we need a lot of raw wood. I had a request to get a new batch of Mahogany. To get decent prices, we need to order a lot of wood at one time. The shipping is expensive, so this spreads it out over a bunch of guitar bodies.

Here is the initial load. I really needed that bottom piece of Mahogany. It is 17 inches wide and 14 feet long. A HUGE piece. There is some basswood in there too. Then a big chunk of purple heart. Some of the basswood is big enough for a single piece construction. That is rare for basswood. I'll add that as an option in the pricing section.

Next, I chop up the pieces. Sometimes I make them small enough to get inside, then do some smaller cuts later. Here are a few pieces of basswood clamped up into my trademark 3-piece construction. More work than a 2-piece, but it is WAY better to avoid a seam down the middle.

Then a bunch of them go into the "stack". This is actually a pretty efficient use of some corner space.

Here is the Mahogany getting cut. Sweet sucess!

Here is the final product.

This one shipped to French Guiana. Nice to see shredders there!

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  • Chris Mai
  • April 2017