Swirl Paint Talk

Matching Swirl Paint

I get a lot of questions asking whether I can "match" another swirl from a picture. I usually respond by saying that I can't really match anything, but if you take a look at the examples on the website, if there is one you like, we can try for that.

I'm not trying to be sneaky or anything, but this is tough. These things are random. I do try to get the paint to be even throughout the face of the body. For my style, I tend to mix the paint a fair amount. That creates the "micro" swirl look. It also makes it tougher to get a long sweeping look that some people try for.

I get a lot of people that ask specifically for Passion and Warefare (PAW). or a universe.

I really don't have one that I can say looks like that one. I have lots of other cool looks though. Ibanez even seems to be making some that look like mine in the newer lines.

Here is one that looks like the Universe "Warfare" Ibanez UV77-WFR.

Here is a guitar from Steve Vai's collection.

  • Chris Mai
  • December 2016