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It's been a bit over 6 years since I bought the CNC equipment and started selling Ibanez JEM and Ibanez RG style replacement bodies. I figured I'd start a blog type of chat area where I can let everyone now what is going on with the shop. I'll write a few pages here and there on some of the problems and solutions that have come up. I'm trying to write on things people ask in and emails. I think it is pretty neat that my site shows up for general searches like Swirl Guitars. cnc-repair.html

CNC Repair Project

Destroyer Project

Gotoh Trem Review

Quest for a new Sander

Crazy Guitar Fence Post Project

Switches and Pickguards

DY Project

Processing a batch of Wood

How to prime an Ibanez style body

JEM Collection

Mounting Pickups

Guest Blog about GMC project

Technical Talk - Ibanez Edge Trems

Added a new library of 2015 Swirls

Black JS Project - Complete!

Our eBay Store

Figured Guitar Tops

Website Updates

Specifications when ordering

How wide is my neck?

Matching Paint 12-17-16

First Blog 11-28-16

  • Chris Mai
  • April 2017