Aftermarket Ibanez JEM necks

Aftermarket Ibanez JEM necks

I make a lot of Ibanez JEM style guitar replacement bodies. This one shows how to fit an aftermarket JEM style neck.

One sign this is not a factory neck is the heel. It is too big. Plus is isn't rounded over on the edges.

This shows how bad the fit is.

This pictures shows a comparison to a factory JEM neck. Note the distinctive markings.

This one shows the neck after an initial sand out. I used a belt sander, then and orbital to smooth it out. Note the bolt pattern is wrong too.

Here is a shot showing the better fit. I'll wet sand it with 220, 400, and 600, then wash it between to raise the grain. Next is some oil and this one should be good to go.

Here are a couple shots showing what these look like out of the box. A decent priced neck to start with for project.

  • Chris Mai
  • June 2018 - Updated September 2020