Pricing for an unpainted guitar body

Pricing - Unfinished Guitar Bodies

All of our bodies are cut on a CNC machine. We can do a range of custom bodies working around the basic RG/JEM style. The pickup configuration can be changed. A JEM has H-S-H. Any of the three positions can be changed to a single, or even skipped. We only have limited ability to do other body styles.

The bodies are built to accept Made in Japan (MIJ) parts (Ibanez Edge, Ibanez Edge Pro, Ibanez Edge Lo Pro). Other parts may also fit, but are more likely to need some tweaking. The neck pockets are made for a tight fit on 56mm necks (basically up to the Ibenez Team J Craft Style necks). We can expand the pocket for those necks as needed. If you are not sure on the size of your neck, send a picture of the back of your neck to us in an email.

For 7-string projects, we will need to know the neck width you plan to use. They are usually 66mm or 68mm.

We have been successful in collecting a variety of wood types. The basswood blanks are the lightest, and cheapest, with the least amount of knots. The Basswood is grown in Michigan. Rock on USA! We also have Alder (from California) that is a little heaver (under 4 pounds). Mahogany from the Philippines (around 4.5 pounds), Red Mahogany (not sure where, about 4.5 pounds, but very pretty), African Mahogany, swamp ash (around 3.5 pounds). The Red mahogany, African Mahogany and Swamp ash are single piece.

We can make a body that fits an Ibanez Square Heel neck.

Here are pictures of some bare wood bodies.

Standard Body - AANJ H-S-H Basswood, Claw & Grip - $135

Routing Mods - Add $35
Mahogany or Alder - add $35
Maple - Add $35
Korina (White) - add $130
Korina (Black) - add $130

Single Piece Mahogany - Add $130
Single Piece Basswood - Add $50
Single Piece Swamp Ash - Add $100

Square Heel - Add $35
Korina (white) single piece - Ask
Multiple Woods "striped" together - Ask

Add shipping to each order. We ship USPS. For most destinations in the US we can ship for $20. For the west coast - $30. Shipping and boxes have really gone up latey.

If you wanted a Basswood AANJ H-S-H - $135. An Alder with H-H - $205 ($35 for Alder, $35 for mods). We cut the basic bodies two at a time. The special stuff is one at a time, so there is a little upcharge. We will cap the upcharges at $235 total if you do a lot of changes.

The Maple is on the heavy side (around 4.5 pounds). It should be usable for a 3-piece body to natural finish.  It will be good for striping with another lighter wood.

We have both Black and White Korina. Korina is sometimes called Limba.  "Black Limba" sounds so cool. The Black Limba has wild grain patterns. Here is an example.

  • Chris Mai
  • Revised February 2022