JEM Guitar Collection

Ibanez JEM Guitar Collection

There are a lot of models of Ibanez JEM Guitars. I don't own them all. I figured I would put some of the JEM guitars from my collection on the site. I'm working on this page, so it's a WIP.

This is the Black JEM JEM77V BK made in at least 2007 and 2008. By far this is my favorite color scheme of any guitar. Mirrored pickguard. Silver hardware. Edge Pro Trem.

This carbon fiber JEM is an Ibanez JEM777V BK. It has been refinished with a carbon fiber face. The pickups are PAF pros. This guitar has the highest output of any of my passive pickups guitars.

There are some pictures of projects various customers finished here.

  • Chris Mai
  • February 2017