A one of a kind ...

540p project

When I started buying wood in bulk back in 2011, one of the early shipments was a super wide plank of Mahogany. I’m not sure how many bodies I made from that plank, but it was a fair number. It was the most dense would I ever worked with, It was superheavy, hard to cut, but what wonderful look.

For whatever reason, I tend to ship a lot of bodies made of mahogany to Europe. One guy back then said that the body was so impressive that he felt that he needed to put it in his will so that his heirs kept it! Another local guy called me years later asking where I got the wood. Unfortunately, it was a one off show that was just super special.

After all that, I was left with one short piece at the end of plank. A few years later, somebody talked to me into making an oddball 540P Ibanez inspired body. He wanted a square heel neck joint. That makes it a very unique CNC programed guitar body. I think I only made one other since then.

I knew the 540P would fit on the planks sideways. So when I got an inquiry from Chad last year, it was a pretty exciting project. He said the Ibanez 540P is ideally made up a super heavy wood, since it is such a small body. This one fit in perfectly.

I made the body towards the end of 2017, and received the final payment recently (yes I do take payments). I finally shipped it off yesterday. It’s on its way to being super special guitar (I get it's and its mixed up!). I hope it finds a home and is treated well!

    Chris Mai
    February 2018