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JEMJR Project

This is a project that started with a modern Ibanez JEMJR. The new style is nice and has a full vine neck. They are reasonable priced too - about $500 new. This is a decent option to get a full vine neck at a reasonable price. It plays nicely. In the end, you end up with a custom guitar that looks like an Ibanez RG20051, but with a full vine Ibanez neck.

The parts used from the original "donor" guitar are the neck (and all neck hardware), pickups, trem plate (the plate not the actual trem) and jack plate, switch, jack, tone control, trem springs, and strap locks.

The parts added are the body, trem parts (trem, trem inserts, trem posts), neck screws (and inserts), and electronics cavity cover. The original neck ferules were a bit big. I could have sanded out the holes on the body to make them fit, but it was easier to just swap them.

The neck is 58mm, so it needs the neck mod (free, just ask when you order a body).

Thanks to Jim T for working on this project.

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2020 update
Someone tried a JEMJR neck and had some issues. I'm not sure when the spec was changed. I didn't have this issue with the one I did. The neck is thinner than a MIJ neck. PLus there is a little overhang of maple that makes it ride higher. After shaving the overhang, the neck fits within about 1mm. We are going to try a spacer. I'll follow up if I get more pictures.

  • Chris Mai
  • January 2017 - Update September 2020