American Mahogany

American Mahogany

I had a chance to pick up some real neat Mahogany slabs. These are grown in Florida. Transplanted from Africa. When they grow too big for their environment, they get cut. If someone doesn't build something with them, they get chipped up. So there is literally zero impact on the rain forest!

These first two pictures are the rough trees.

Here are some shots of the rough cut pieces. Plus the rig that cut them.

These close ups show the cool grain. The white edges are the "live edge". I'm going to try to line some of those up with the armrest and belly cut. They should look great. They will redden up as they dry too!

There is room to work on these two. I can place the knot on the trem cavity on the back. They should be great.

These two show the machine ripping sideways. This piece is not quite big enough to make a single piece body. But I think I can sandwich it around a complementary piece, like Maple. I'll post a link to a couple like that.
  • Chris Mai
  • May 2022