Pricing for a guitar painting services

Pricing - Painting Services

We normally prep and swirl paint one of our own bodies. We can swirl many color combinations, but not all color combinations work. For best results, try to find a picture on our pages of one you like, then we can come close to that style. We will let you know if we can do what you are hoping for. We specialize in Ibanez style replacement bodies. Please look over the example pictures and email me for further questions or orders.

We can cut most types of Ibanez JEM/RG style guitars on our state of the art CNC equipment. We are continually adding to our library of designs available.

Purchase one of our standard bodies in Basswood and we swirl - $225
Customize one of our standard bodies and we swirl - ???

** Clearcoat and buff - add $225 to anything **

Custom Services:

Sustainer routing - $95

We cut a body out of wood that you provide - ask us

Paint pickups- ask us

Hard to find woods - ask us

Swirl paint headstock - $125
Includes clearcoat and new logo

Add $15 shipping to each order for the US.

Actual cost to countries outside the US.
  • Chris Mai
  • January 2017