DY Step by Step

DY Project

I make a lot of Ibanez JEM style guitar replacement bodies. I don't do that many complete projects to keep due to time limits, so I thought I'd document the ones that I do work on.

I have this vintage factory JEM777 DY neck.

I was working on a custom left handed Desert Yellow (DY) project, so I thought I'd run a body I'm making for myself though the process too. Here are some pictures after the yellow and the first couple coats of clear. These pictures look terrible on my old notebook computer, but are really vibrant on my phone. I can make a lot of left handed Ibanez inspired guitar bodies. Ask if you are a lefty.

Here is a picture after I sprayed the claw color. First I do a coat of clear, then spray the claw Then I can sand off the overspray. The second one show the body after some clear.

Here are some semi-final pics of the first one.

Here is a final version of the first one. That one is a left handed replica of an Ibanez DY JEM. I'm still working on the other one.

  • Chris Mai
  • April 2017, Update August 2017