Ibanez insipired guitars worldwide


These are the countries we have shipped to. It looks like 32 countries so far. I'm trying to ask for a picture that I can post from each country. I like the shots that show character of the area. Nice work so far everyone!

Here is a page with picture from Michigan, in the USA.

Colombia - 2023

This is Medellín (view from the west). Thanks Daniel!

Belgium - 2023

This is Castle Van Ham at Steenokkerzeel, Belgium. Thanks Karl!

Taiwan - 2022:

This is Fulong Beach, outside of Taipei. Thanks Rob!

Germany - 2022:

This is a castle built between the 11-16th century. Thanks Jan!

Czech Republic - 2021:

This is Polička. The town hall square. Thanks Jiří.

Spain - 2020:

Turkey - 2020:

France - 2019:

This is Marseille, France. The second largest city in France and a big port on the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks Emmanuel.

Chile - 2018:

This is Santiago de Chile. Sudamerica. Thanks Rodrigo.

UK - 2018:

Wow -more snow than Michigan! This is Melton, where the famous “Pork Pie” and “Stilton Cheese” comes from. Thanks Chrit.

Australia - 2018:

Spectacular! Thanks Dennis.

Philippines - 2018:

This is Muntinlupa City. Lemuel lives here.

French Guiana - 2017

Singapore - 2017:

This is the project that went to Ash in Singapore. Nice view!

Sweden- 2017:

This is the project from a cool guy Lars in Sweden. Doesn't that make you think of Metallica?

Peru - 2017:

Italy - 2017:

This is Masua- a 10 minute drive from Sardegna, a little Island in Italy.

Japan - 2017:

This is the project that went to Travis in Japan.


Austria - 2018





Hong Hong



New Zeland - 2022


Puerto Rico



South Korea


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  • Revised April 2022