Custom Guitars

Available Guitar Bodies

These are pictures of Bodies that are ready to ship. I have another page with projects that I started to finish. Check out the page with projects ready for sale.

This one has a matching cool vine neck that is partially done.

This one has a burl veneer glued on. The edges are not perfect.

This one is an Edge Z trem route. I started the clear. I have a trem I'd like to sell with it. I'm going to leave htis one here for a bit. I finished it off and added a page of highlights here. This one looks like the Passion & Warfare 25th Anniversary Silver/Blue.

This one is a 7 string. I might have a donor guitar to make this one look like an Ibanez Steve Vai Limited Edition UV77 - Warfare.

This one is a problem child. I cut the holes for the end of the pickups with the wrong size bit. So they are too big. This one should look good with a pickguard though. I can finish it that way. There will be two little fill holes in the back though.

This one is another problem child. The machine had a glitch. When I restarted, the neck pocket was out of alignment. So the neck is a bit too close to the pickup route. The spot between the trem route and the bridge pickup is a bit too narrow. The body looks great, so it seems sad to toss it. It does calibrate corectly, but you woudl need to redrill your neck. This one might be good for a knock off neck.

This one is (even another) another problem child. On the re-make of the last one, this one knocked off the ficture. So it's not centered down the middle. I think a cool center piece will make this one look great.

  • Chris Mai
  • Updated June 2017