Swirl Painted Guitar Bodies

Ibanez RG GMC Project

I have another page with projects that are started that we can finish for you. Check out this page with projects ready for sale.

This one is like the Ibanez JEM77 GMC Green Multi-color swirl. This one has an Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo and Dimarzio pickups. The pickups were new when installed. The neck pickup is an Evolution neck DP158. The bridge pickup is an Evolution Bridge DP159.

The neck is from a factory Ibanez RG. Made in Japan. The body is from a lower end Ibanez RG, I think a 220b. The swirl paint is from from Pearle Guitars. The clear is not great, you can see the orange peel. There are some scretches on the first layer of the clear, then there is more clear over that, so this one will never really shine. But it is a great player. If I don't sell this one all together, I might move all the parts to another body.

I'd consider offers on just the body with or without the various pieces. Let's make a deal.

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  • Chris Mai
  • March 2017