Pictures of New Studio Space

Chicagoland Shop Pictures

A big move happened this year. We sold our house in Michigan that we lived in for 23 years. I wasn't ready to give up guitar building, so I set up a new shop in the Chicagoland area.

All the gear from the old shop got moved in two medium sized trucks. I had 5 movers helping.

The idea was one side would be the clean stuff - all the amps and finished guitars. The first picture is the clean area. A decent start. The room sounds pretty good with the Fender Cyber Deluxe. There is a bunch of stuff that our big garage sale wasn't really working for. Like the old Bose 901s. I'll list those when I can. I have a stereo tube amp I'll be selling. I want to try it over here for a while. 300b tubes, so it's pretty nice.

The process is slow. I was never super neat, but I did know where everything was. Now everything is in a bin. I did get the machine running. So the first full body will be done soon. The next step is the pegboard over the white table. That will help a lot to free up more shelf space. I found the drywall anchors, so that should go relatively easy.

The bodies from the Florida Sourced Mahogany are turning out great. I talked that in this blog.

Hit me up with orders or questions.

  • Chris Mai
  • December 2023