Edge Pro Trem Details

Ibanez Edge Pro Trem Details

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This is a discussion of the Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo.

I have a discussion of all Inbanez 6 string trems here.

Someone asked me about a problem fitting a edge trem into a body. In the end, it was a body someone else made. The route was too close for an edge trem to fit. Check out these pictures.

Here is a Mai-Guitar body. The green one shows an Edge Pro. The Orange one (a Jupiter Swirl Guitar) shows an edge. They both fit. I noticed how the corner of the edge pro sits a little further from the corner. That might work for the problem body.

I've been working on the GMC with the edge pro a bit this weekend. I noticed that if the trem sits low in the cavity, then the block pushes against the wood. If you raise the trem a bit, there is enough room for some bending up. I wanted to see how difficult it would be to get more travel.

So I hit it with a dremel a bit. It worked well.

I've been saying the bodies are compatible with an Edge Pro for a while. I guess this mod makes it even better. Nobody has complained, so I guess they knew this. Along this line, a factory Ibanez body with an edge pro will not fit an original edge. There is not enough space on the route in front of the claw. Maybe I'll write more on that later.
  • Chris Mai
  • Updated January 2021