Edge Pro 7 and Lo-Pro Edge 7 Trem Discussion

Ibanez 7 String Trem Details

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This is a discussion of the Ibanez Edge 7. I was lucky enough to have someone send me an Edge Pro 7 and a Lo-Pro Edge 7. The Lo-Pro Edge 7 seems to be the same shape as the Edge 7. The Edge Pro 7 seems to have a wider base, sort of like an edge pro 2 6-string, discussed here. These two pictures show the difference.

Here are some closer views.

From the top, the edge pro 7 has saddles like an edge pro or edge pro 2.

The 7 string routing I've done so far fits the smaller block. If you have the version with teh wider block, let me know and I'll do a mod before shipping.
  • Chris Mai
  • March 2019