Swirl Painted Guitar Bodies

Ibanez RG GMC Project

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This one is like the Ibanez JEM77 GMC Green Multi-color swirl. This one has an Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo and Dimarzio pickups.

The neck pickup is a Liquifire DP227. The Liquifire sounds great in the neck with a high drive. It also has a lot of neat stuff with a clean patch and the volume turned down a bit. The bridge pickup is a Super Distortion DP100. I like this pickup a bit better than an evolution or breed. It just sounds great on as a high drive bridge pickup.

The middle is an ICSV3. This is what Ibanez put in the factory Bad Horsie JEM and the Black JEM from the 2005/2006 era.

This one is wired is like the JEM77 is wired, so a 5-position switch, where the 2/4 positipoins have the middle pickups hum cancelling with one half of the hunbucker pickups. This happenes because of the split coil wiring. The Via wiring is interesting - the red wired of the middle pickup is gounded, not the black. This is for the phase. The polarity is interesting too. The neck pickup is typically flipped if you use a standard wired Dimarzio pickup. I started using CTS pots. This one is super crazy quiet. I love it.

The neck is from a factory Ibanez RG. Made in Japan.

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  • Chris Mai
  • April 2018, Updated November 2018