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Silver Pyramid Project

I have another page with projects that are started that we can finish for you. Check out this page with projects ready for sale.

This one has an Ibanez Edge tremolo and Dimarzio pickups. The neck is from Pearle. I had it custom made to have a silver color that matches the pickups.

The pickups are both Dimarzios. PAF Pros with a chrome top. This is real metal - custom ordered. DP151. The neck pickup is an Evolution ICSV2. This one has a 5-way switch with split coils in 2/4 - like the JEMs. It has CTS pots. It has a Sprague Orange Drop .047 cap for the tone. The wiring is solid and is super quite, even with an aggressive patch.

I showed some older pics during the build. I think I'm going to swap out the middle pickup to have something with more silver. Click an image for a larger version.

Here are some pics with the final silver middle pickup.

  • Chris Mai
  • Revised March 2019