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Original Floyd Rose

Customers sometimes ask, will an OFR (Original Floyd Rose) fit?

The easy answer is no. The spacing between the posts in the floyd spec says 74mm. The spacing on a RG/JEM is 73mm. So it is just out of spec. An original Edge is the best bet. I discuss trems here.

Even so, people have made them fit, but I'm not sure exactly how. I have seen pictures of the end result. I looks like one way is to use the smaller Floyd style posts somehow secured by a metal plate with two screws. I've seen the results, but don't have any more info on what to buy or how to do it.

The inserts on an Ibanez insert are bigger too - 10mm. The Ibanez part number is ELE2-A.

They have locking posts (or trem studs), which give a stable base. The Ibanez part number is ELE2-B.

There is a set screw that is used to take the slack out of the threads between the anchors and the posts.

The smaller Floyd style posts work, but the Ibanez style anchors and posts are higher quality. But the Ibanez style cost more. Instead of $5 for anchors and posts for a Floyd, the Edge system is $25 for the anchors and $30-35 for the posts. I usually have anchors I sell for less. If you are interested, let me know. I'll install them to make it easier for you.

Somewhere in the 2005-2006 era, Ibanez dropped the set screw from new guitars. I think they put it back on some models. People have been known to immediately swap out the posts and anchors on brand new guitars. That is some serious business!

If you are ordering a new body, I can make the smaller Floyd style holes.

I have another page with projects that are started that we can finish for you. Check out this page with projects ready for sale.

  • Chris Mai
  • July 2017, Revised March 2018