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It's been a bit over 13 years since I bought the CNC equipment and started selling Ibanez JEM and Ibanez RG style replacement bodies. I figured I'd start a blog type of chat area where I can let everyone now what is going on with the shop. I'll write a few pages here and there on some of the problems and solutions that have come up. I'm trying to write on things people ask in and emails. I think it is pretty neat that my site shows up for general searches like Swirl Guitars.

New Shop

First Local Mahogany Project

More Shop Talk

Local Mahogany

Three Piece Guitar Blanks

Added a new library of 2018 Swirls

YouTube Videos

Edge Pro 7 and Edge Lo Pro 7

Limba with Hipshot Bridge

Headstock Project

Lefty JEM Guitar Projects

Edge Pro Details

Black Open Grain Project is Complete

LNG Project is Complete

Guitar Top Photos

Aftermarket Necks

Added a new library of 2017 Swirls

Neck Dicsussion

Black Limba

One of a kind 540p

A day in the life of Mai .... 2018

General Finishing Tips

Added a new library of 2016 Swirls

Sanding a Bare Wood Body

Pickup Color Samples

LNG project

Mahogany Square Heel JEM project

Some Pictures from Michigan

Floyd Rose Talk

30th LNG

Projects before Shipping

Countries we have shipped to

CNC Repair Project

Destroyer Project

Gotoh Trem Review

Quest for a new Sander

Crazy Guitar Fence Post Project

Switches and Pickguards

DY Project

Processing a batch of Wood

How to prime an Ibanez style body

JEM Collection

Mounting Pickups

Technical Talk - Ibanez Edge Trems

Added a new library of 2015 Swirls

Black JS Project - Complete!

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Figured Guitar Tops

Website Updates

Specifications when ordering

How wide is my neck?

Matching Paint 12-17-16

First Blog 11-28-16

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  • April 2017